The Houses of Richard B. Isenhour:
Mid-Century Modern In Kentucky

Hardback with Dust Jacket - July 2014

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$45.00 USD
10.5 inches x 10.5 inches
160 pages
Published by Butler Books
Designed by Green Scheme Design LLC

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designates a design movement in American housing that began after World War II. The postwar era was a time of new beginnings, with some designers creating a new look in housing for the modern age.

Along with architects across the nation, Kentucky’s Richard B. Isenhour focused on new design goals—simple lines, open living areas, connection to the outdoors, and use of natural materials. Fulfilling these goals resulted in houses that were attractive and livable. Even after a number of years, the distinctive element tying Isenhour’s work together is this atmosphere of a comfortable and relaxing living space. This book details 43 houses designed and built by Richard Isenhour in the Lexington, Kentucky, area from 1956 to 1978. Presented chronologically, the book shows the evolution of one mid-century designer. Current photographs are combined  with Richard Isenhour’s original drawings, sketches, and photos. The result is a body of work executed in mid-century, which remains relevant today.